Party: Liberal Democrat

Political Compass: Centre-leaning-right; liberal

The EU: Federalist. The EU needs to be reformed to be more accountable.

The Economy: Austerity was probably the wrong thing to pursue at the time, but now we are back in solid growth, we should gradually get the deficit down. Continue to invest in infrastructure for the long-term. Cut taxes from the bottom up.

Socialism, Communism, Capitalism: Capitalist. In its true sense – that is, not corporatist.

LGBT: Obviously in favour of equality.

Immigration: Freedom of movement is paramount. I’m not bothered about having the border totally open if necessary. Despite this freedom though, curtail the ability to use public services until tax is being paid. Allow asylum seekers without those limitations.

Minimum wage: Increase to a living wage for those over 21.

Religion: Atheist.

Drug prohibition: Legalise all drugs, while taxing them to increase support for those who want to quit. Introduce a surcharge for those who have health issues directly related to their drug taking.

Local democracy: Devolve to self-defined regions and city-regions.

Online censorship: No.

Television censorship: No.

Net neutrality: Yes.

Freedom of speech: Yes.

Islamisation of the UK: Isn’t happening.

Lords Reform: Elect them halfway through the Commons term by STV based on regions.

The Monarchy: Replace with a President elected every four years (also reduce Commons terms to four years)

Scottish independence: No.

Animal rights: Yes. Ban fox-hunting.

Voting age: 18 – that is, at the end of compulsory education.

Prison/Crime: Prisons should exist for those who cannot be rehabilitated. Others who show willing should be offered education. Abolish enhanced DBS checks. Increase reliance on community sentencing and restorative justice.

Tuition fees: Increase them to £16,000. Reduce the number of universities. Increase maintenance loans and grants [do not turn this into a Twitter argument]

Euthanasia: Yes.

Trident: Keep it.

Military vs foreign aid spending: There is no trade-off. Increase both of them.

Corporation tax: Keep low. Insist on collection.

Inheritance tax: Increase, while decreasing income tax.

NHS: Continue to allow private influence but keep close inspection to ensure standards are maintained.

Sex work: Yes.

The BBC: Yes.

Electoral reform: Yes – either STV or AV+.

Issues I am passionate about: Education, economic reform, civil liberties.

Why you think what you do: Arguing with people for years, listening to their arguments, and reading books.

Future of UK politics: Uncertain. Tories win in 2020. After that, who knows?

How have my views changed: Used to be a member of the Tory Party. Have gone slightly further left than I used to, but am mostly the same.

Favourite politician: Nick Clegg

Least favourite politician: Andy Burnham

Favourite commentator: Matthew Parris or Dan Hodges


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